Fur & Feather

A story of two friends and their follies

In short, it’s a tale of two men delivering an unknown package to an unknown place to unknown people. That’s all, really. Don’t mind the shadows.

Wolf, a man from the Fields of Averan, goes out of his familiar terrain into the snowy barrens of Durnam. Wren, a bard who lost his voice to a stutter, joins him in a mission to deliver a barrel through the sierras. Hulking bandits and blood-thirsty creatures turn this routine delivery into a hellish endeavor.​

But there is more than flesh that creep the mountains. Entities that don’t abide to the sharpness of a blade, or the fatigue of men. No, these wraiths stalk, looking for their heralds to beckon their forthcoming. And Wolf and Wren are the ones chosen to flare their dreadful call.​

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