Fur & Feather

Cover Art by Blake Davis

Introducing Fur & Feather

Book One of Heralds of Shadow

This is not a fantasy of kings and gods and princes.

This is a story of the ones festering in their shadows that cast long over the world. A shadow that seeks to animate, and emerge from a realm of darkness. From every folly of a man, manifests an entity incarnate. From every light, a consequence to be had.

Two distributors of the underworld market embark the northern sierras, to conceal their own follies in the world. Until their shadows stalk behind, haunting their steps. Finding them to be the heralds of their new realm.

From Chapter 16: Bandits & Barrels

“Ain’t a coon around, boss,” Lel shouted after her rounds. “There’s tracks leadin’ here, but ain’t a body to match ‘em.”

“Ain’t no one coming nearby, either,” Derryl echoed fifty feet out.

The five cronies eyed their leader for the next step. Jos’s gaze wandered to a cloud, and seemed like he was going to point at it and say it looked like chicken. At least that’s what I thought it resembled. Or maybe I was hungry.

Aedron plucked his nose, a nose thick as an axe hilt, and performed his own standing scan of the area. A grunt followed after discovering nothing new to appeal his decision.

“We head out, then. I want our eyes to watch our backs. That’s you, Lel and Derryl. If they come back – when they come back – they’ll trace our steps to camp. Got it, you two?”

They nodded, even the three not being questioned showed their affirmation.

“Povry, Spenth, don’t lead us astray.”

Once they crowned the ridge they entered from and then more, the two of us slid down from the tips of the boulders.

“Did you hear them call us thieves?” I scoffed.

“Aren’t we?” Wren asked.

“Well, I don’t think so. We’re not really… maybe.”

“Not how they said it.”

“Exactly. These cloaks were stolen, and I took this food without paying… But we’re not thieves.”

Wren raised his hands defensively. “No need to persuade me.”

There was a silence to accept those words. They lingered longer in the air than they needed to; something shouldn’t have to take that long to accept it as right.

“So we’re following them?” I eventually broke.

“The thieves? Right. Let’s go.”

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